3 Gorgeous Ruby Jewelry Pieces to Celebrate a July Birthday

The official birthstone of July, Ruby is a gorgeous, deep red stone. A highly valued stone, the ruby has represented nobility, purity, and passion throughout the ages. 

I have a beautiful selection of dainty ruby jewelry available in both solid gold and sterling silver to help celebrate a July birthday! 

Bring happiness and passion to your life by wearing ruby, I am sharing my three favorite pieces from my collection below:

Ruby Stacking Ring


You really can't go wrong with a dainty stacking ring, the gorgeous red ruby set in your choice of metal, sterling silver or solid gold above is absolutely beautiful. I love the light texture and dainty prongs that caress the stone in this piece. It's a great way to add a pop of color to your ring stack.

10k Gold Ruby Stacking Ring

14k Gold Ruby Stacking Ring

Sterling Silver Ruby Stacking Ring

Dainty Ruby Stud Earrings


I love a dainty stud and these ruby studs are so perfect for all of your piercing needs! Whether you're looking for a single earring for a second piercing or just after beautiful and simple birthstone earrings these are perfect! Featuring a lightly textured setting and dainty claw prongs, these earrings are a fun twist on a classic birthstone earring!

10k Gold Ruby Stud Earrings

14k Gold Ruby Stud Earrings

Sterling Silver Ruby Stud Earrings

Delicate Ruby Pendant Necklace


Who doesn't need a stunning but dainty necklace? I love this ruby pendant necklace because it is so eye catching but also really lightweight and easy to wear. This is the perfect piece to gift if you don't know the recipients ring size or if they have pierced ears! A delicate and timeless birthstone necklace is always a beautiful gift to receive. 

10k Gold Ruby Pendant Necklace

14k Gold Ruby Pendant Necklace

Sterling Silver Ruby Pendant Necklace

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