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  • Five Ways to Celebrate Love

    I practice self-love year round! Just like I don’t think you need a special holiday to tell someone you love and appreciate them, I don’t believe you should ever feel guilty for indulging in something special if it makes you happy and sparks joy in your life.I'm sharing five easy ways you can give yourself the love it deserves today... 

  • Valentine's Day Gift Guide

    Valentine's Day is quickly approaching and it's the perfect excuse to show your love to your best friend, partner and especially yourself.
  • Investing in Solid Gold

    Solid gold is perfect for marking a special moment in your life, whether it be a promotion, a pregnancy or even a just because gift to show your love (my personal favorite). A solid gold piece of jewelry is something that will be treasured for many lifetimes...
  • How to care for your engagement ring?

    You finally have your dream partner, and a permanent sparkly fixture on your left hand! Wearing a valuable ring for the first time can be a little scary and I'm sure you have lot of questions about caring for your engagement ring. Can you you wear it to sleep? Is it safe to wear in the pool? What is the best way to...

  • January's Birthstone - Garnet

    For those born in the month of January, their birthstone is the garnet. The word 'garnet' comes from the Latin word for seedlike, 'granatus.' This was a reference to their similar appearance to pomegranate seeds. However, garnets come...
  • Solid Gold vs Gold Vermeil Jewelry

    What are the differences between solid gold & gold vermeil jewelry? And how do you care for each?
  • What’s in store for Lacee Alexandra in 2019!

    With a new year comes so many possibilities! I love how it’s the perfect time to reflect on the past year while setting new intentions for the year ahead. I am so excited for this new year because I have big plans to continue to expand my fine jewelry offerings
  • 2018 Holiday Gift Guide - Support Local Makers!

    This year I wanted to put together a gift guide that featured not only my own pieces but also various products by some of Southern California’s most talented makers, creatives and business owners! I hope you enjoy the Lacee Alexandra Gift Guide featuring gift ideas for all the special people in your life! I sincerely hope this helps you find something for everyone on your list this year
  • How Should My Wedding Ring Fit?

    For many, an engagement ring or wedding band is one of the first pieces of jewelry you will ever wear for hours on end, every single day. Because of this it’s important for the ring to fit correctly! Finger shapes and sizes vary from person to person, and a lot of sizing comes down to personal preference. However there are some tips to follow to ensure your ring is comfortable for everyday wear...
  • How To Style Mismatched Earrings

    Ever had one of your favorite earrings go missing? Well luckily this is one of the biggest trends of the season. We’re seeing it not only from your favorite style blogs but on the runway as well! This look is super easy to pull off and allows you to show off your own style in a unique way. I'm super excited to offer
  • Salt and Pepper Diamonds

    What are salt and pepper diamonds?

    Nearly all diamonds have "flaws" known as inclusions. There can be many different types of inclusions, from black to white or different sizes, shapes and colors. The term "Salt and Pepper" refers to white and black inclusions specifically. This gives the diamonds an icy gray tone. I like to call these diamonds galaxy diamonds because I think there is something quite celestial and magical about them. Each one is just slightly different making them really unique and one of a kind.  

  • What is the Difference Between White Gold and Silver?

    A question I often get here at Lacee Alexandra is ‘what is the difference between white gold and silver.’ White gold is sometimes mistaken for silver because the production process takes away the yellow tint in favor of a white-silver finish.