A Nature Inspired Engagement Ring Featuring an Heirloom Oval Diamond in 14k Yellow Gold


I had the honor of designing and crafting this beautiful one-of-a-kind engagement ring this past year. Our goal for this design was to create a ring that felt unique, but still timeless and had a beautiful organic, nature-inspired quality. We were lucky to have this beautiful oval diamond given to the future bride from her mother as the centerpiece in this unique and elegant engagement ring.


Like all my designs, everything is hand-carved from wax. A process for me that is both meditative and integral to my aesthetic as a designer and artist. This ring began just like many before it, roughly sketched out in wax waiting to be discovered and brought to fruition.


Over the course of many hours, the ring design is refined and the stone checked for fit and scale. This is where the bulk of my craft takes place, slow and steady.


Once I felt this design had reached a stopping point, I took some photos and played with accent diamond placement. We wanted this ring to feel fluid, a gentle swirl of beautiful, bright white, sparkling diamonds enhancing the beauty of the gorgeous center heirloom stone. 


After some final adjustments and approval, the ring went into casting, which is the process of turning this one-of-a-kind wax into metal. In this case, 14k yellow gold, melted down from various heirloom pieces from the family. (Did you know we can repurpose your sentimental gold into a custom piece?) From there I cleaned and polished this beautiful ring to prepare it for stone setting.


After the diamonds were perfectly set, a secret message was engraved from the future groom. A message of love, just for them, to know and hold close. The final piece is truly a work of art, hand-sculpted and crafted with human hands from start to finish.


All this sparkle is hard to capture in a single photo.. but this ring is unlike any other on this earth, an unexpected, but timeless beauty.. a symbol of love that will be treasured for generations to come.

Interested in creating your own unique, one-of-a-kind piece? Get in touch with me at Lacee@Laceealexandra.com and I would be happy you make your ideas come to life!