Top 5 Staple Pieces of a Fine Jewelry Collection

I am always being asked what my top 5 pieces of jewelry are to be a starting point for building a fine jewelry collection. There are so many options out there for fine jewelry, and solid gold is investment so it can seem overwhelming. 

I am here to break down my top 5 staple pieces of jewelry that are a perfect starting place when beginning to build your fine jewelry collection. 

Everyone has to start somewhere and there is no better places than a simple gold band when deciding on your first solid gold investment piece. A dainty textured band is something that can stack with other pieces, you can wear it alone for a more minimal look, and the best thing is it's not going to break the bank. I love a ring with a little texture because it plays with light a little more than a smooth polished band and has a hint of sparkle without adding any diamonds or other stones. Our Dainty solid gold textured band is a great first piece for building out a fine jewelry collection. 


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Another ring I love if you're wanting to start with a little more sparkle is our solid gold diamond promise ring. Not only for lovers, this piece is such a beautiful and simple diamond solitaire. It's entirely hand-sculpted so it has a slight organic, artisan feel despite it's simplicity, making each one one of a kind and uniquely yours. Everyone deserves diamonds and this piece is something you can enjoy everyday throughout your entire lifetime


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Diamonds and more diamonds, I love a good diamond stud. Nothing too flashy, something petite and very wearable. These dainty diamond stud earrings are just that. They are perfectly sparkly and sit in a lightly textured setting with the daintiest of claw prongs to add a little edge to this classic look. These earrings also look great in second piercings and are available in singles too!


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If you're wanting to make a little bit more of a fun statement to start off your fine jewelry collection I absolutely love our  moonstone necklace in solid gold. It is truly a magical piece of jewelry. The hand-selected moonstone absolutely glows and it features a small diamond in the textured bail for added sparkle. Available in several lengths, it's the perfect starting piece to craft a beautiful layered necklace look. 


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We all love that classic sparkle but have you heard of salt and pepper diamonds? These unique galaxy inspired diamonds look like the night sky has been captured and put in this magical little stone. Each diamond is uniquely one of a kind, and they are a fun way to add some otherworldly magic to your look. I love our three stone salt and pepper diamond ring because it features both a salt and pepper rose cut diamond and traditional round brilliant cut white diamonds on either side as accents. This piece would make for a really unique but still timeless piece to start your fine jewelry collection with and it's one of my personal favorites.


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There's so many directions to go with when first starting to invest in solid gold pieces and you really can't go wrong as long as it's something you love. 

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