All About Birthstones! Your Ultimate Birthstone Jewelry Guide

I think birthstones are such a fun way to celebrate the month you were born or to celebrate someone close to you! I am always getting asked what birthstones are for what month and if any of these stones have any other meanings...

So I am here to break it down for you, month by month in this ultimate birthstone guide.


January - Garnet: I may have a bias with January's birthstone of Garnet because it happens to be my own but it really is such a beautiful deep red stone that looks gorgeous in yellow gold jewelry. Garnet is thought to be one of the oldest crystals used for spiritual protection throughout history and is a fiery stone of passion. 

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February - Amethyst: A stunning vibrant purple, amethyst is the month of February's birthstone. If you love purple this is the stone for you, regardless if you were born in February or not! The meaning of amethyst is attached to serenity and grace.

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March - Aquamarine: March's birthstone is aquamarine and is a really gorgeous blue that varies in shade from stone to stone. As the first of the spring birthstones, this sea blue crystal represents a rebirth of energy.

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April - Diamond: Aren't you lucky if you were born in April! Your birthstone is the precious diamond, brilliant, sparkly and a highly sought after stone. A diamond is known as a stone of love, as it's one of the most popular options for engagement rings and other special jewelry. 

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May - Emerald: The rare and beautiful green stone, emerald is May's birthstone. A stone of inspiration, it embodies unity, compassion and unconditional love. 

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June - Alexandrite, Moonstone: June is lucky to have a few birthstones! First is alexandrite, which is a really rare color-change stone. This means that depending on the light it is a different color, typically either a teal-blue or a purple. Alexandrite is the gemstone of luck, prosperity and intellect. Another birthstone of June is moonstone which is one of my favorite gemstones. Moonstones have a magical otherworldly feel as they flash blue and purple rainbows at you. Moonstones represent a connection to the feminine energy. 

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July - Ruby: Another gorgeous gemstone is July's birthstone, ruby. Rubies have a strong royal connection as many crowns and jewelry were adorned with this precious gemstone. Because of this rubies are often associated with wealth and prosperity

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August - Peridot: A bright, almost electric green is August's birthstone of peridot. This stone helps to protect you against difficulties and negative energy. Peridot is known as the stone of compassion.

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September - Sapphire: September's birthstone of sapphire comes in a full range of colors from the more traditional blue, to yellow, white and even pink! The sapphire has, for centuries been seen as the stone of wisdom.

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October - Opal: So many people love opals, even those not born in October and for good reason! Opal's are beautiful one of a kind, magical rainbow stones. They do require a bit more care, as they are so soft it is easier to damage the stone than other harder precious gemstones on this list. Opal is often a stone associated with hope. 

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November - Citrine: This beautiful warm gemstone can be in any tone of yellow/orange from a pale yellow, to a deep almost burnt orange. November's birthstone of citrine is associated with positivity and optimism.

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December - Zircon, Turquoise: December is another month that has a couple birthstones! The more traditional pick is zircon, which is a bright blue stone that is quite sparkly. Zircon is thought to boost wisdom and self-confidence in the wearer. Another birthstone for December is turquoise, an opaque teal blue stone.  Turquoise is said to bring luck, peace and protection. 

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