Channel strength and abundance with April's birthstone: The Diamond

The hardest gemstone on earth, the diamond is one most coveted gemstones to date.

Adopted from the Greek word adamas, meaning “invincible,” diamonds are thought to improve relationships and increase your inner strength.

For those lucky April babies, the diamond is their birthstone. Diamonds make for a great gift for anyone special in your life born in the month of April! 

A symbol of eternal love, wear diamonds to help you seek balance, clarity and abundance. 

Shop Lacee's favorite diamond jewelry pieces to adorn your body with to bring transformative love and clarity. 

Dainty Diamond Birthstone Earrings in 14k yellow gold

I love these earrings because they are so delicate with their sculpted claw prongs and individually textured settings. The diamond is the star of the show in these dainty studs. They're really striking and make for a great second piercing as well!


Dainty Diamond Stacking Ring in solid gold

These little delicate stacking rings are so fun and unique, I love that you can wear them alone or pair them with others in your collection or even additional birthstone rings to tell your own story of your family. This diamond stacking ring also makes a unique promise ring for someone wanting to gift their partner a ring with deeper meanings of love. 


Dainty Diamond Birthstone Necklace in 14k yellow gold

The delicate chain on this diamond pendant is so fine and beautiful. This necklace truly feels like a second skin when worn, I often forget I am wearing it. This piece is minimal in design, perfect for those who don't like to wear a ton of jewelry but still want a little something. It's also available in multiple lengths so if you wanted you could layer it with other necklaces to make a bolder statement!


Diamonds are a beautiful stone and nearly every jewelry lover lusts after some sort of diamond piece to add to their collection at some point, big or small.

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