8 Perfect Gifts To Celebrate a June Birthday

A plethora of options for stones to symbolize the month they were born await for those born in June.

June's birthstones range from the beauty of an opalescent pearl to the magical blue flash of a moonstone to the rare, color-changing beauty of an alexandrite. 

I have a selection of all these gemstones available in gorgeous handcrafted jewelry to celebrate a June birthday! 

Moonstone Birthstone

Moonstones are a stone of beauty. For those who have followed along with me for a while know how much I adore these absolutely magical gemstones. Each one is so unique with an otherworldly beautiful blue and purple flash that seems to glow from the inside of these milky white gemstones. Moonstone is a stone of inner growth and strength, it enhances intuition, helping to guide you towards finding inspiration and success. Moonstone also makes an excellent stone choice for a romantic partner born in June, thought to be a stone of romance and desire, moonstone is the perfect choice to give as a symbol of your love to your partner.

Shop my favorite moonstone jewelry pieces:

Sterling Silver Three Stone Ring with Moonstone Center Stone and White Sapphire Accent Stones


Solid Gold Moonstone Earrings with Oceanic Inspired Detailing 


Sterling Silver Moonstone Stud Earrings


Solid Gold Moonstone Pendant Necklace With Oxidized Sterling Silver Chain


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Pearl Birthstone

Pearls are the ultimate stone of wisdom. The gems are believed to offer protection, as well as attract good luck and wealth. While I don't currently design a ton of jewelry with pearls I do offer a few pieces with gorgeous blue-black freshwater pearls. Definitely not your grandma's pearls! 

Shop my favorite pearl jewelry pieces

Sterling Silver Black Pearl Ring with Ocean inspired Kelp Detailing


Sterling Silver Black Pearl Pendant with Ocean Inspired Kelp Detailing 


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Alexandrite Birthstone

A lesser known birthstone for the month of June is Alexandrite. It is one of the rarest stones in the world and insanely beautiful. Alexandrite is known as a color changing gemstone.. what color is alexandrite you might be wondering? Well, the answer depends on the lighting. It has a beautiful blue to red/purple color change  It is super fascinating and a really unique gemstone. Because alexandrite is extremely rare it is also very expensive. Due to limited supply in nature, lab-grown alexandrite was created in the 1960s. These lab grown stones have the same chemical and physical properties as natural alexandrites and are just as beautiful! While I am happy to source natural alexandrite upon request, I currently use lab grown alexandrite in my pieces. 

Shop my favorite Alexandrite jewelry pieces

Dainty Sterling Silver Alexandrite Ring


Solid Gold Alexandrite Pendant Necklace on a Fine Gold Rope Chain


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Any of these gemstones from pearl, to moonstone to alexandrite make gorgeous gifts for someone born in June or a treat for yourself to celebrate you!

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