A Romantic Engagement with a Rose Cut Moissanite Engagement Ring


Rose cut stones are so romantic, the way they lightly sparkle in candle light, the facets glistening ever so beautifully on your finger. They have an allure to them that is other worldly, they have a story, your story, of love, life and adventure. 


If a fairy tale romance love story is what you've always dreamed of a rose cut moissanite is a perfect stone for you.


This particular Rose Cut Moissanite Engagement Ring is special, it features three beautiful rose cut moissanites carefully set in hand carved claw prongs. Each gold ring is individually made just for you so no two will ever be the same. Much like your love, this ring is one of a kind, its unique and precious. 

Our Rose Cut Moissanite Engagment Ring is a modern twist on the classic three stone ring, past present and future, this ring tells your love story.


Moissanite is an eco-friendly alternative to other traditional engagement ring stones and makes a great choice for the eco-conscious couple. 

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