One tree planted with every piece of jewelry purchased! + FREE shipping on all domestic orders over $125!

A Sustainable Future

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 8.45.33 PMThe jewelry industry is often under fire for the various ecological impacts that mining for precious metals and gemstones has. At Lacee Alexandra we take these matters seriously, and strive to use the most environmentally sound and ethical practices possible when meticulously handcrafting our jewelry. We do this not only because of our own beliefs, but also so our customers can feel confident about the products they're wearing and the company they support.

Here are a few ways we practice our beliefs:

- All gemstones used in our pieces are sustainably mined & ethically sourced. This means that not only are the mines using sustainable practices, but the working conditions of these mines are also carefully monitored.

- Our jewelry is cast from 100% recycled metals.

 -All of our plating companies take advantage of the most sustainable processes, which happens to also be the safest.

- We recycle our bags & boxes whenever possible! It may seem like a small effort, but every little bit matters. Whether it's packing up an order, or organizing the studio, you can guarantee that we're constantly re-using.

Our earth, and our impact on it is something we are deeply passionate about here at Lacee Alexandra, we do everything we can to reduce our footprint. But you, the customers, are the most powerful tool in change! Do your research on companies to make sure they too are doing everything they can to produce environmentally sustainable products. Collectively, your purchases are what influence the industry's standard of what is acceptable in the marketplace!