Adventures in Oregon...

Portland Oregon Retains Its "Weird" Title

This past weekend I spent some time wandering around Portland and the surrounding area with my boyfriend and his family. It was quite warm, a much different feeling than the freezing 27 degree temperatures I felt the last time I was there. The first half of the trip we went on a beautiful hike to Multnomah Falls, along the way we saw tons of little woodland creatures, berries and tons of unexpected waterfalls.


The remainder of the trip we spent in the city of Portland, it's definitely an interesting city, with tons of different characters. The food carts were a total hit.. Any and every type of food you can possibly think of is there. Being a foodie.. the choices were a bit overwhelming.  Before leaving we had to make a quick run to Voodoo Donuts to bring back some treats for some friends, wrapping up a fun & exciting mini vaycay up to Oregon:)

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