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Can I wear my jewelry in the sun?

Can I wear my jewelry in the sun?

Wearing jewelry out and about in the sunlight comes with risks, the last thing you want is to damage your sparkly treasures or lose them! I have some tips on how to keep your jewelry safe this summer below:

One of the most asked questions I get is how to best care for your new jewelry. I have all the best tips from how to pack your jewelry when traveling to how to keep your piece looking its very best. I always tell people jewelry should be the first thing you take off at night, and the last thing you put on in the morning when getting ready for your day. It's the easiest rule to follow when caring for your precious pieces and will help keep your jewels sparkling for years to come. 

Solid Gold, Gold Vermeil?

The care and attention you need to give your jewelry in the direct sunlight differs on whether the piece is made from solid gold or gold vermeil. Solid gold is needs the least amount of care, a simple clean with a soft cloth and dish soap to remove any lotion is about as much as it needs. Your gold vermeil pieces however, need a bit more care, especially in the sun. I personally love wearing my pieces when I'm sunbathing on the beach or by a pool but this comes with risks. Chlorine and saltwater can damage gemstones and metal by dulling or tarnishing them. I would highly recommend removing any of your precious jewels before going for a swim to stay on the safe side. 

Can I wear my jewelry in the sun?

Does it fit?

Your gorgeous ring looks way better on your finger than at the bottom of that coral reef! Your fingers swell in the heat and shrink in cold water, so I would be extremely careful wearing any precious rings in the sea. Add in any sunscreen or lotion and your ring will be ready to slip right off your finger! I always remove any rings before going into the ocean, there's nothing worse than losing a precious jewel while playing in the surf. 

Have fun this summer and if you have any additional questions about caring for your jewelry be sure to check out the FAQ page here.