Mixing metals in a ring stack? Opal and diamond mixed metals ring stack


I love mixing metals in a ring stack as well as mixing gemstones! It's an easy way to make a ring stack look visually interesting and unique with minimal effort. 

This ring pairing is fun, comfortable, and effortless. For only stacking two rings together we have a lot going on! By stacking one sterling silver ring and one solid 14k yellow gold ring with each other it gives you a fun mixed metals pairing which is already different and a little edgy. Add in 3 different gemstones between the two rings and now it's feeling like a unique one-of-a-kind ring stack! With opal and white sapphire in the sterling silver three-stone ring and 7 diamonds in the yellow gold contour band, this ring stack is sparkly, a little edgy, and whimsical as well!

Don't be afraid to mix metals in a ring stack, it's an easy way to create even more looks with the rings you already have in your collection! 


Featured Rings:

Three Stone Ring in Sterling Silver With an Australian Opal Center Stone and White Sapphire Accent Stones (bottom)

Solid 14k Yellow Gold Diamond Contour Band with 7 responsibly sourcee, eco-friendly diamonds (top)

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