Celebrating Earth Day with Eco-Friendly Jewelry


At Lacee Alexandra it has always been a priority to make sure we're doing everything we can to giveback to Mother Earth. Today and everyday we celebrate all her beauty.

We are forever inspired by the earth, the treasure chest of gemstones she creates, the endless beauty that surrounds us all. It is vital that we all do more to conserve what we all appreciate now. Since Lacee Alexandra was founded it has been important to do our part in reaching a more sustainable future by producing eco-friendly jewelry. We are proud partners of One Tree Planted, for every piece of jewelry ordered one tree is planted here in California. As Lacee Alexandra continues to grow we hope to be able to help plant even more trees worldwide. 


The craft of jewelry will never be completely sustainable, gold and gems are mined from the earth and the effects can be devastating. There are things and practices that can be done to make the impact less, but the impact will always be there nonetheless. Our jewelry is crafted in a small studio, we use recycled metals whenever we can and we do our best to only buy gemstones from places that are doing that part to be as sustainable as possible, this keeps our ecological footprint small, but it is not perfect. The jewelry industry has always been convoluted, there isn't always the transparency you need, it is to be expected when materials are sourced from all over the world, where environmental regulations vary so much. However over the years here at Lacee Alexandra, we have worked on building relationships with trusted suppliers that share our beliefs in collectively lessening our ecological impact on the earth. This means buying gems from trusted dealers who visit the mines, it means working with recycled metals and materials whenever possible. It also means exploring lab grown gemstone options, such as moissanite and lab grown diamonds.


While there is a long road ahead in the jewelry industry to get to a more sustainable place, we are confident change is happening and people are working together towards the same goal. A more ecologically friendly future. 

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