Customization vs Custom, What's the difference?


(Completely custom wedding ring set using heirloom diamonds and family gold)

I'm here to break down the difference between custom and customization when it comes to making a unique piece of jewelry just for you! As a small scale jewelry designer I am able to both customize an existing piece in my collection or completely make a one of a kind piece from your ideas! Sometimes there is confusion about what the difference is between these two.


(Completely custom engagement ring using an heirloom center diamond and family gold)

A custom project refers to something completely made from scratch.  You come to me with a rough idea and we work together to pick out stones, decide on the design and create it. This is a great option if you have something in mind that you're not finding elsewhere on my site or want to use family stones or gold. We start with an idea on paper and I hand carve the piece in wax, from there we make a couple revisions until it's exactly how you envisioned. Once it's approved by you, we cast it in your metal choice and set any stones to complete the project! This process is more involved and takes more time so it's best to plan ahead and get in touch ahead of time if you're wanting the special piece by a certain date for a proposal, bday or anniversary. 


(Customized aquamarine and diamond earrings in solid gold)

Customization happens when you like a piece I already make but want to change out the stones to something else, add some stones, add a texture or an engraving to the inside. Here we are not starting from scratch. This is a great option if you want something completely unique to you but don't necessarily need or want to do something completely custom. This timeline is also much faster as we already have a starting point. In the piece above, the client was celebrating a milestone birthday, they wanted aquamarine earrings in gold. We were able to modify one of our existing settings to their liking with an aquamarine and diamond to create the perfect piece to celebrate their March birthday!

Whether you decide to do custom or just simply customize a piece for you, I am here to help! If you are not sure where to start and whether you should customize or start from scratch please don't hesitate to reach out with your ideas via email at I am happy to help guide you on creating your perfect future heirloom.