Dear Stranger Instagram Photo Contest!


I've teamed up with Riah from The Wanderful Soul and we've come up with a great way to spread some happiness in the world! Our idea is named, Dear Stranger. We want you to leave a little sweet note in a random place for strangers to see. Something that will make them smile.☺ Follow the photograph rules below, and you can be eligible to win this beautiful handcrafted sterling silver lariat necklace, with a tiny Black Spinel stone.

Pieces Lariat (Silver)

The Rules:

1. Write a sweet note on a sticky note/piece of paper/poster (the bigger & more creative the better, but no illegal tagging of buildings. If it’s a legal tagging spot, than go ahead!)

2. Find a random place where many people walk by. (Again, make sure you have permission if it is a building of business, we don’t want any law breaking.)

3. Stick your note up for the world to see.

Now, those are just the rules for leaving happiness for someone to find, here are the rules of eligibility to win the prize!


To be eligible to win you must:

-Follow me @LaceeAlexandraJewelry on Instagram

- Follow @TheWanderfulSoul on Instagram

- Photograph where you leave your note, post it on Instagram, and use #LaceeAlexandraJewelry for official entry.

✸Photo submission ends on October 1, 2014 at 8pm (CST)✸

Since this photo contest is all about random notes of kindness, the winner will be randomly selected from a hat drawing on October 2, 2014 at 8pm (CST). A video of the drawing will be posted on @TheWanderfulSoul.

Good luck & have fun!