Delicate Diamond Charm Necklaces Layered To Make a Style Statement

Diamond charm necklaces can tell a bold story when layered together. I think a dainty charm on a delicate chain is a perfect way to add visual interest to a look when paired with other necklaces or several other dainty pieces.

three dainty diamond necklaces perfect for layering, dainty diamond charms on delicate rope chains in solid gold

Adding a little sparkle is always a must have when putting together any necklace layering look, and these three pieces are all great options. By varying chain lengths and types of necklaces you can create a unique and beautiful layered necklace look!

Featured Jewelry:

Solid Gold Dainty Diamond Necklace (left)
Solid Gold Modern Triple Diamond Peak Necklace (center)
Solid Gold North Star Diamond Necklace (right)

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