Easy Tips For Mixing Metals!!

Mixing metals used to be a fashion faux-pas but fear no longer! If done right the look can be stylish, chic and really fashion forward. I personally mix metals all the time, more is more, silver, gold, gems? I love it all, and all at once! But getting started with mixing metals can be intimidating, especially if you've never done it before. I hear so many people tell me how they would love to wear silver or gold but they're afraid to mix metals, or simply don't know how. I am here to put that fear behind you, its as easy as just doing it, and once you've styled your mixed jewelry look a few times it will become second nature!

One tip to making your look come together effortlessly and chic instead of jumbled is working in groups. When mixing metals I never wear less than 4-5 pieces, this is important because you need to tell a story that looks intentional rather than random.

Another great tip with getting started in mixing metals is to make sure your backdrop stays fairly neutral... A simple un-patterned look is a great way to get your feet wet in wearing silvers & golds together. With a neutral look, the jewelry becomes the focal point and isn't fighting for attention from a busy pattern.

Finally, more is more, the more you mix the more comfortable you get with it! An easy rule I personally follow when mixing metals, is to add two more pieces than you would normally wear if you were styling a single metal! This goes back to it looking intentional, because it is!

For a super easy, neutral, mixed metals, more is more look, check out the what I've put together below:


All these tips I've shared are so easy to incorporate and make mixing metals a not so daunting task! Try it out and let me know how it goes:)

Details from the style post above:

1. White Top // 2. Reflections Pendant - Gold Vermeil // 3. Un' Peak Necklace - Sterling Silver // 4. Krobo Link Drops - Gold Vermeil // 5. Weathered Luxe Bracelet - Sterling Silver // 6. Eternal Bar Bracelet - Gold Vermeil // 7. Sandals // 8. Denim Jeans //