Elevate Your Everyday!

I’m sure you’ve been wondering what I’ve been talking about lately with the use my hashtag #elevatingyoureveryday.. Well it simply means doing something, whatever it is to make your day better for yourself!

I personally feel better when I take the time, just a small moment out of my busy day to make sure I am reflecting on myself. Now before you tell me you don’t have the time, just wait.. these reflections of elevation can be so simple, you may already even be doing them! Read below to see a couple of my favorite ways to elevate my everyday!

Obviously I love jewelry and I believe a favorite necklace, big or small can make a huge impact on how you feel! Just by taking the small moment out of your day to slide on that extra ring not only makes you look polished on the outside, but will start to rub off on how you feel as well! Just by finding a little bit of extra time to make sure you look great can make you feel great and it doesn’t have to take more than few minutes...rock that red lipstick!

I think meditation & reflection is a great way to elevate your everyday! Taking time to find your inner self and connecting with your thoughts and goals without distractions is so important. I make sure I find the time to do this at least a few times a week. Taking this time for yourself can create such a positive environment not only for you, but those around you as well! I’m the queen of multi-tasking and I often combine this time with a nice sweat session or a relaxing cup of tea. Instead of winding down your evening with some tv, why don't you practice some yoga or go for a run. Reward yourself with your favorite cup of tea and reflect on your day. Can't find the time at night? Get up 20 minutes early and devote that time to setting your intentions for the day!

Whether you choose to go for a hike, spend some time with loved ones, treat yourself to a new accessory, read a book or wear that bold lipstick, make sure you're taking the time for yourself.. With just a few small additions to your life you can easily start elevating your everyday!

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