Favorite rings for everyday wear: Organic rose gold stacking ring duo

While I love gemstone rings with all their sparkle, simple metal stacking bands are a classic for a reason. Solid gold bands are super easy to wear and so comfortable for every day. You don't have to worry as much about damaging them because they have no stones so they're a perfect ring choice if you're someone who leads an active lifestyle.


Rose gold which has a touch of copper in the traditional yellow gold to give it that pink, rose color is a fun way to freshen up your stack. Rose gold has a beautiful, feminine feel and looks really great on many skin tones.


I love these two bands together, the organic band has a beautiful flow to it. Completely hand-carved, each side of the ring is completely different. Inspired by ideas of balance in nature, I love to spin it on my fingering watching the graceful movement. This rose gold ring is strikingly gorgeous on her own but also pairs beautifully with both a simple band like the hand-textured ring seen here as well as a variety of ring styles, whether other stacking rings or an engagement ring.

This duo of organic rose gold stacking rings are both so versatile, you can't go wrong with how you stack them with other rings or just with each other!

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Our entire organic fine jewelry collection is available in rose gold as well as yellow and white gold! 

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