How many rings are too many for a bridal stack?

 Pear Engagement Ring Bridal Set


I love a good bridal stack! I love mixing and matching different rings to curate the perfect set for the mood I'm in. I don't believe there are any rules, mix metals, mix textures, go for all smooth polished, all diamonds, all yellow gold. I wouldn't over think it, pick pieces you love. Bridal stacks don't have to stay the same your entire life, you may have chosen to stay married to your partner for a lifetime but you are not married to any ring!  You can always change out your rings, wear less one day, wear more another. Have a silver ring you love? Stack it on! Wear what you love, whether that is a paired down more simple look, or a mega stack like this one shown above!

Featured rings from top to bottom, Cavern Moissanite Ring, Rose Gold Hammer Textured Ring, Custom Moissanite Pear Ring, White Gold Hammer Textured Ring, Custom Curved Diamond Band