How Should My Wedding Ring Fit?

Rustic Pear Shaped Engagement ring

For many, an engagement ring or wedding band is one of the first pieces of jewelry you will ever wear for hours on end, every single day. Because of this it’s important for the ring to fit correctly! Finger shapes and sizes vary from person to person, and a lot of sizing does come down to personal preference. That being said there are some tips to follow to ensure your ring is comfortable for everyday wear.

If you’ve never worn rings before, knowing how something should fit can seem tricky. You want it to be loose enough to be comfortable but not so loose it goes flying off every time you move your hand..

Tips for Finding the Right Ring Size

A ring that fits properly should slide over your knuckle with a little resistance and fit snug on your finger but not so tight it's cutting off circulation or uncomfortable. You should have to apply a little extra force to get the ring back off your finger. When getting sized always move your fingers around with the sizer on so you can get an idea of how it will wear, does it move around? Is it uncomfortable? Sizing can sometimes feel like a guessing game, so be sure to take your time when figuring out your ring size. 

Proper Ring Fit

You want to make sure that you’re picking a ring that fits correctly, after all this is something that you will be wearing for a lifetime! If a ring is too tight or too loose you may find yourself not wearing the piece because its not comfortable or you feel like it may slip off. However keep in mind, fingers can fluctuate in size throughout the day and over a lifetime. Late at night and early in the morning you may find your fingers a little swollen. Fluid retention, sometimes affected by diet or hormones can cause bloating which will make rings feel tighter. Also certain seasons can affect your sizing, humidity tends to make your fingers swell and the cold makes your fingers shrink. Bodies are ever-changing so its not uncommon to notice subtle changes in how your ring fits, sometimes this may occur over many years or even day to day.

I am here to help! It’s always a good idea to ask your jeweler before you purchase a ring if and how it can be sized over time to ensure that you get a lifetime of wear out of this precious piece! Don’t be afraid to ask questions, I along with other jewelers are happy to help you determine the perfect fit :)

Here at Lacee Alexandra I am happy to send you a complimentary sizer so it takes the guessing game out of what ring size you should get. Just send me an email inquiry at and I'll be sure to get that right out to you!

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