How to care for your engagement ring?

You finally have your dream partner, and a permanent sparkly fixture on your left hand! Wearing a valuable ring for the first time can be a little scary and I'm sure you have lot of questions about caring for your engagement ring. Can you you wear it to sleep? Is it safe to wear in the pool? What is the best way to clean it?

There's a good chance an engagement ring will be the most expensive piece of jewelry you’ll ever own, so I totally understand you for having so many questions! 

pear shaped engagement ring

Clean your ring regularly

For a quick clean at home, lukewarm water and dish soap will do the trick, gently polish your precious ring with a soft cotton cloth and then pat dry. I would suggest not cleaning your ring over an open drain! The last thing you want is to be calling the plumber.. I also always suggest getting your ring cleaned professionally once a year. A jeweler will be able to custom tailor your cleaning depending on the metal and stones. For example white gold rings that have been rhodium plated may need to be re-plated to return your ring to looking brand new.

If you purchase a custom or fine jewelry piece from Lacee Alexandra I am happy to offer a free ring cleaning service once a year for up to 5 years! Not only does this include a deep clean but it also includes an assesment for wear and tear. Sometimes over time settings can get loose and you may need to have them tightened. It's better to catch these things early so your precious stones don't go missing when you're not paying attention

Can I wear my engagement ring all the time?

It’s probably best to take your engagement ring off when doing any sort of vigorous exercise or sport, especially if it's a super hands on activity. You want to prevent any pressure on your ring that could cause it to bend or scratch. I also always recommend going sans ring at the pool or beach. Chlorine can be super damaging to metals and stones and swimming can affect your body temperature, basing your fingers to shrink in size. The last thing you want is to be searching at the bottom of the pool for your precious ring or worse the bottom of the ocean! Play it safe and keep your engagement ring at home. 

Check your settings regularly

I always suggest getting the prongs of your ring checked once a year to ensure your stone is securely held in the ring! If you shake your ring and hear anything, it’s time to go to your jeweler to have it tightened. When you bring your Lacee Alexandra ring to me once a year for a cleaning, I also check for any possible loose stones. 

Lacee's top cleaning tip!

A soft toothbrush and a little baby soap. Baby soaps are extremely gentle and a soft toothbrush will help get your jewelry sparkling again!

Caring for your engagement ring