Introducing The Oceanic Inspired Collection...Ula Riva

I am so excited to finally introduce a collection inspired by one of my greatest loves on this earth.. The Ocean!
I was just recently interviewed by jewelry blogger, Kyri from Sunday Evening Reader where we delved into what went into designing this collection and my inspirations for specific pieces.. Catch the latest press below!


From Sunday Evening Reader:

In today’s blog-post I have the incredible honor to feature the new collection of Lacee, the creative force behind Lacee Alexandra jewelry. Lacee introduces some pieces from her new collection, talks about her passion for jewelry and her sources of inspiration. This is an interview that you don’t want to miss…

If you could capture the essence of your brand in a motto, what would that motto be?
Everyday Ease”…I design for those who are down to earth and environmentally conscious, but still stylish. People who wear my jewelry are looking to not only elevate their look, but really brighten their mood everyday. When you wear Lacee Alexandra Jewelry you can feel confident knowing that they’re quality, USA made pieces, featuring gorgeous textures and responsibly sourced stones. My jewelry is designed to follow you on all of life’s adventures, whether that means you’re jet setting across the world, or just running to your local coffee-shop… Lacee Alexandra is there everyday, to make you feel amazing inside and out, with total ease.

What was the moment you realized that jewelry making is your passion and what you does jewelry mean to you?
“I spontaneously took a metalsmithing class in college and totally fell in love. At the time I was studying lighting and furniture design and that class changed my path forever. I immediately transferred majors and ended up earning a Bachelors of Fine Art in metalsmithing and design, something I am very proud of. Jewelry means a lot of things to a lot of different people and I think that’s what makes it so unique. Jewelry is something that is extremely rich in history and traditions, it can be traced back in some form or another to very early times, I find that to be really fascinating. Every piece tells a story from the designer’s inspiration and the actual creation, to the original wearer, to who it gets passed on to after that. I love that I can be a small part of the journey and continued history of jewelry throughout our time.

What is your inspiration?
“I am heavily influenced by the world around us. I draw a lot of inspiration from histories, textures and raw imperfections. I find that I am always drawn to things that have a lot of character, or a story to tell. The space I work in was once my grandmother’s watercolor studio and I find that to be incredibly inspirational. I love creating beautiful jewelry in a space that has such a rich history.”

Can you tell us a bit more about the pieces below?
“My new collection Ula Riva, which roughly translates to “sea jewel from the seashore,” is inspired by my love for the ocean. There are a lot of histories and  mythologies surrounding our seas and I’ve always found them to be very interesting. I wanted to create a collection that’s rich in color, textures and stories inspired by our ocean, while also highlighting the strength and beauty of her. When worn these pieces serve as a reminder to ourselves of our own inner strength and beauty, and that’s a pretty powerful statement to make.”


Salacia Ring
This ring was the first piece I designed in my new collection and really was the launching point for a lot of others. In ancient roman mythology Salacia was the female divinity of the sea, worshiped as the goddess of saltwater who presided over the depths of the ocean. I like to imagine that this ring is something she may have worn, glistening opals and all.


Oceanic Stacking Ring

I love the textures on this piece, they’re inspired by corals and little creatures found hiding in tide pools. I also love that you can stack them up to create your own story of rings!


Isle Ring
This ring features a stunning aquamarine and is inspired by little surprises of land found in the middle of our vast oceans. It’s definitely designed for the mermaid hiding in all of us.


Anthozoa Stud Dangles 
These studs are really modern & bold, they have great lines and feature amazing textures inspired by the shore & sea.


Rheic Sea Stud Earrings 
The Rheic Ocean was one of the most important oceans of the Paleozoic Era and it’s closure brought the end to that era. These earrings feature glass enamel and glistening white topaz gemstones. It was inspired by how our oceans are ever changing, just like no two waves are the same, the world around is in a constant state of flux, these earrings serves as a great reminder to that.


Ula Pearl Necklace 
Ula is celtic for sea jewel and when I think of what “jewels” are found in the sea, pearls are always what comes to mind! Kelp inspired prongs surround this gorgeous responsibly sourced blue-black pearl to create a truly stunning piece. 


Sands Necklace 
This piece is inspired by the subtle textures found along the shore as our bare feet walk across the sand. It’s adjustable too so you can layer it with other daily favorites!


Riva Bangle 
Inspired by that small moment in time when a wave gets pulled back out to sea and the sand is left wet with various layers of itself, before getting covered again. This piece is bold and full of beautiful texture to remind you of your own special moments you hold close.


Oceanic Bracelet
This piece is a jewelry box staple, it features a gorgeous responsibly sourced opal and is so lightweight! It’s inspired by little crustaceans found in and around the sea and is a favorite of mine in this collection!