Nature's muse, an organic sapphire wedding ring set you're sure to love


Natural gems are mother earth's gifts to us. The wide range of colors and beauty that can be found all around the world is awe-inspiring. This teal blue sapphire mined in America is no different. You can get lost in the depth of color in this majestic stone.


When I was designing this ring I knew I wanted the sapphire to be the star of the show. I also wanted to create a ring that spoke to the organic qualities of natural gems. These rare treasures are dug from the earth, the earth is not perfect, it's raw, it is beautiful. I wanted this ring to evoke the same sense of raw imperfect beauty while remaining a refined and timeless engagement ring.


I chose to design an asymmetric halo of diamonds that would surround the center blue oval stone. The diamond halo has its own unique organic form meticulously  detailed with vintage milgrain.

The ring is finished with a gorgeous hand-carved claw setting that holds the precious sapphire in. The shank of the ring is in a hand-carved cathedral-style setting that is delicate and dainty, polished to perfection. The underside of the setting is lightly textured to create a unique balance to the polished band.
The result is a vintage-inspired organic feeling sapphire and diamond halo engagement ring.

I love pairing this ring with a variety of wedding bands but one of my absolute favorites is our timeless diamond band. It features 7 diamonds held in by single prongs. It is a classic option that stacks perfectly with this ring, complimenting the engagement ring but not stealing the show. Letting nature's treasure, the teal-blue sapphire oval center catch your eye, allowing you to get lost in its beauty.

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