One of a Kind Purple Sapphire Chevron V-Ring in 14k Yellow Gold


It's always fun to customize an existing ring design with different stones! This client came to me wanting something different, loving my chevron diamond ring but also loving the color purple we came up with this super fun ring design!


Instead of setting diamonds in this solid gold ring we swapped them out for responsibly sourced purple sapphires. 


I love how each purple sapphire has a slightly different tone of purple creating a really beautiful organic looking ring.


Sapphires are a super durable stone making them an excellent choice for a ring that you plan to wear everyday such as a wedding band. There are no rules that say you must only choose white diamond wedding rings, step outside of the box! Sapphires come in a wide range of colors from yellows to purples like this one to even shades of teal!


Click here to view the diamond version of this ring!

If you are interested in creating one of these for yourself with purple sapphires or any other stone you love get in touch with me at and I would be happy to help create you a beautiful unique ring!