What is a Promise Ring? Your complete guide to find the perfect ring!

 Promise rings have become quite the rage! They're a perfect symbol of love whether for a partner or even to yourself. I'm breaking down some of the most common questions when it comes to everything promise rings!


What do promise rings symbolize?

Promise rings are traditionally given as token of your love to your girlfriend or boyfriend. They are not an engagement ring but rather a symbol of your commitment. Recently though we are seeing more and more people buy them for themselves! Whether you are in search of a promise ring for your partner or you're looking for a something to symbolizing a promise to always love yourself, promise rings are a great way to mark a special moment in your life.


What kind of promise ring should i get my girlfriend or boyfriend?

That is entirely up to you! It's important to think about their overall style, do they wear jewelry? A good tip is to taken note of the types of rings they currently wear and try to find something that will compliment their style. If you have no clue where to start try asking one of their fiends! They may be able to help you decide if the ring you're looking at will be loved! If you are unsure and don't want to enlist a friend, a simple gold promise ring is always a great bet! It's timeless and beautiful and they will love it because it came from you.


What finger do I put my promise ring on?

You can wear a promise ring on any finger! Many choose to wear it on their left hand ring finger to symbolize the commitment that they have for their partner, while others may choose to wear their promise ring on a middle finger or right hand ring finger. Many people who are self buying a promise ring love to wear the ring on their left pinky. The promise sits right next to their left hand ring finger and it's a great symbol of a pinky promise, a promise to always love yourself no matter what. 


Whether you are buying for a partner or yourself, promise rings are a beautiful celebration of love. 

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