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Salt and Pepper Diamonds

What are salt and pepper diamonds?

Galaxy Diamond

Nearly all diamonds have "flaws" known as inclusions. There can be many different types of inclusions, from black to white or different sizes, shapes and colors. The term "Salt and Pepper" refers to white and black inclusions specifically. This gives the diamonds an icy gray tone. I like to call these diamonds galaxy diamonds because I think there is something quite celestial and magical about them. Each one is just slightly different making them really unique and one of a kind.  


salt and pepper Galaxy diamond engagement ring

These diamonds used to be seen as less ideal than the classic white diamond so they come in at a lower price point. They have gained in popularity however in the last few years so the cost is slowly rising but they are still a super affordable way to find a unique ring with the strength of a diamond at an accessible price. Prices per carat can range from $800-$1300 depending on cut and quality. 

Grading System

rosecut galaxy diamond

More traditional diamonds are graded on their 4 C’s – Cut, Clarity, Color and Carat Weight. However, Salt and Pepper or as I call them, Galaxy diamonds are not graded.

Size + Shape

Salt and pepper galaxy diamonds 

image via Dream Diamond ltd. 

Galaxy diamonds come in just about any shape and size you can image, from round to geometric to rose cut to brilliant. This leaves a ton of flexibility and fun in the design making process! 

Eco Friendly

salt and pepper diamond engagement ring

Diamonds don't have the greatest reputation for being socially responsible or eco-friendly... However a galaxy diamond is less taxing on the environment than more traditional diamonds are. Miners extract soil and rock from the ground with the goal of finding diamond deposits. The findings are then sent to several ore processing facilities where the rough diamonds are then extracted and sent along the production chain (cutting to market). A galaxy diamond is a great choice for someone who is eco and socially conscious but has their heart set on a diamond!

I think imperfections are most beautiful and galaxy diamonds are a great reflection of all the raw, natural & gorgeous flaws our earth has to offer making them a really unique choice for your next precious piece. Contact me here to inquire more about these special diamonds.