Should I size up when stacking rings?

This is a question I get frequently and the answer is always, it depends! Just like with ring sizing yourself for a single ring there are many variables at play with stacking rings as well. The first step for figuring out what size stacking rings you should get is to first figure out your true ring size. The best way to do this is to go to a local jeweler and get sized. If this is not possible you can also do an at-home ring sizer! There are many options available online, if you are trying to figure out what size ring to get from my collection, I always am happy to send a ring sizer out to my customers complimentary.


Once you have your ring size you then have to take into account how many rings you plan on stacking together and how thick each ring is. Most of my rings are fairly dainty within 1.5-3mm wide at the most. If you're stacking with only my rings you can most likely get away with stacking 3 together in your true ring size. That being said it may be a little snug, if you're someone who prefers a little bit of a looser fit with your rings it may be best to size up 1/2 with rings under 2mm each stacked together, to 1 full size if each ring is over 2mm wide.


Just like ring sizing, ring stacking is very personal. Some people prefer to wear rings that are tighter fitting while others like rings with a little give. Your ring size fluctuates throughout the day as well so that is something to take into consideration when sizing yourself for stacking rings.


If you have wider knuckles and want to stack a few rings together without sizing up too much, using sizing beads is always an option. This is a popular route for wedding bands for both men and women. Sizing beads are little metal beads that are fused to the inside of your band and allow for your ring to slide over your knuckle with ease while also sitting snug on your finger.


As always if there is any doubt or confusion, feel free to reach out! Most jewelers such as myself will be able to help you figure out the best ring size for your stacking rings based on what you already have and are trying to stack with, or if you're trying to create a brand new stack and are unsure about what size to get. We get this question a lot and are happy to help you find the right size.


Ready to add a new stacking ring to your stack?