Should you consider a low profile engagement ring?


An engagement ring is a big investment and it's something you will wear most, if not all the time, so you should choose something that you not only love but fits your daily lifestyle. A solitaire, while beautiful, sits fairly high on the finger making it prone to damage. This doesn't mean you shouldn't pick a ring like that, but you should consider your lifestyle. Are you active? Do you work with your hands a lot or have a very hands-on profession? These are all things to think about when picking out your engagement ring. A low profile engagement ring like our three stone rose-cut ring sits low to the finger, something like this is a good option for those with more active lifestyles because you’re less likely to scratch the stone or hit the ring on hard surfaces potentially causing damage. If you are someone with a more active lifestyle this doesn't automatically rule out a solitaire but you will have to take extra precautions which may include removing it while doing certain activities and perhaps wearing a simple band like our tri-diamond weathered band as a place holder. Whichever way you go considering your lifestyle is important when choosing such an important piece of jewelry as an engagement ring.

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