Sterling Silver Hammered Bangles, a jewelry staple


My sterling silver hammered bangles have been in my collection since the beginning. They were one of the first things I could make in my studio as they required basic metalsmithing tools. At the time, I had a modest bench, a couple hammers, a torch and a few basic files. My tool arsenal has grown since then, but there is something about making one of these silver bracelets that slows me down and reminds me of my roots. 


A good bangle is timeless, which is why these continue to be a customer favorite year after year. The beautiful hammered texture creates a multi-faceted surface that sparkles as light catches it. These silver bangles are a jewelry staple, they’re easy to throw on with nearly outfit to dress it up a bit, and when you stack them up they gently clink together as you move. 


Each one of these bangles is hand-forged for the wearer, no two will ever be the same. The metal is cut to size, formed into a circle, soldered, hammered and polished, before getting placed into a pouch and shipped out to its forever home. These bracelets aren’t massed produced, they’re made with care, the weathered surface showing the marks from the artist, created one by one just for you. 

Featured Jewelry: Sterling Silver Hammered Bangle