Styling Fall Sweaters

My favorite thing about Fall is sweaters, there's so many ways to wear them the possibilities are endless. When shopping for sweaters the key thing to look for is comfort, because lets face it no one wants an itchy sweater.. and versatility, the more style options the better! See below for three of my must have picks for your closet this Fall and how I am styling them with Lacee Alexandra Jewelry!



I love the gradient in this sweater, and the fact that it's sleeveless leaves many styling options..cardigans, vests, leather jackets the possibilities are endless. Collar necklaces are always a great option for high necklines and the Lacee Alexandra Collected Crevices Collar in Sterling Silver provides a nice balance with the ombre effect in this sweater!

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Just because it's fall doesn't mean you have to give up summer colors! A great chunky knit is a must have and this coral breaks the black & grey sweater mold, which I am definitely guilty of.  A chunky sweater like this calls for a bold necklace and the Lacee Alexandra Large Treasure Medallion in Gold Vermeil  is just that.. There's nothing better than a gold and coral combo!




I absolutely adore texture and this sweater is nothing but that.. the fuzzy quality of this sweater also makes it look extra cozy which is definitely a plus in my books! When you're dealing with a heavily textured backdrop like this dainty pieces can get lost so this is when you want to pull out your bolder "statement-making" jewelry. The Lacee Alexandra Transitions Necklace in Sterling Silver creates a perfect focal point for this look without outdoing the texture in this sweater!