Summer's #1 Jewelry Trend: All About Bold Pops of Color

Adorning yourself in jewelry you love always sparks joy, but it seems to be sparking even more joy right now than before. 

Heading into this summer season many of us are so ready to get dressed up for something other than errands around town.. so it's really fitting that bold colors are the number-one trend in jewelry.

It feels good to finally get to dress up and put together an outfit that actual people will get to see and not just your furry friend or housemates. This summer is definitely going to be the season of fun with jewelry. 


Theres something about bold red that has such an impact on your look. It's a color that can't be missed and is sure to turn heads. Here I'm pairing our dainty ruby earrings that are perfectly lightweight and easy to wear but still add a pop of bold color to your look, with our best selling cardinal red glass enamel necklace in gold vermeil. Pair these two pieces with a dainty ruby stacking ring to tie together this all red look in a way that's subtle and chic but really fun!


I immediately get transported to the gorgeous ocean when I look at turquoise blues. The beautiful shades of teal and blue always remind me of days spent at the beach. 


Dainty turquoise blue studs just scream summer! They're incredibly comfortable and perfect for first and second piercings. Add a few more pops of blue to create a totally summer worthy turquoise look. I love this sterling silver turquoise ring with the sapphire accents, the contrast of the turquoise blue and white sapphires is timeless and chic. I've paired it with our blue topaz statement ring which really needs no introduction. I love pairing a bold statement ring and a more understated ring together but on different fingers. This look is bold, fun but still really comfortable. It is summer after all, the last thing you need is jewelry to weigh you down. 


It's easy to always turn to neutrals with jewelry but a pop of color is such a mood booster! Bright green always feels fresh, and is perfect for all sorts of summer occasions from rooftop happy hours with friends to a backyard bbq. I love mixing tones of green together to create a unique tonal look that doesn't feel overdone.


Our jade green enamel necklace is a great starting point for a fresh green look. Its the perfect pop of color to pair with other greens to create a really fun look. Our dainty peridot studs are a gorgeous light green and pair beautifully with our emerald stacking ring. This look is effortless and subtle but still really fresh for summer!


Don't be afraid to layer your jewelry with color, not only does it add dimension, it makes the statement even more impactful..mixing and matching dainty and bold pieces are a great way to have fun with this trend without feeling overdone! Try it out! After all we've been through we can all use a little more carefree excitement in our lives.

Featured Jewelry:

Red Jewelry Look:

Gold Vermeil Cardinal Red Glass Enamel Necklace

Solid Gold Dainty Ruby Earrings

Solid Gold Dainty Ruby Stacking Ring

Teal Blue Jewelry Look:

Sterling Silver Turquoise & White Sapphire Three Stone Ring

Solid Gold Blue Topaz Statement Ring

Solid Gold Dainty Turquoise Earrings

Green Jewelry Look:

Sterling Silver Jade Green Glass Enamel Necklace 

Solid Gold Dainty Peridot Earrings

Solid Gold Dainty Emerald Stacking Ring