The Meaning Behind April's Birthstone: Diamond

How lucky are April babies to get the diamond as their birthstone?
One of the world's most coveted stones, a diamond's name comes from the ancient Greek word "adamas," meaning unbreakable. As a gemstone, the diamond has remained a symbol of constance and dependability in our ever-changing world.
Beyond it's modern symbol as the stone of marriage and commitment, a diamond is also April's birthstone. The way a diamond reflects light, or "sparkles" is thought to bring clarity and understanding to its wearer, enhancing the connection between the mind and body. Coming in a wide range of colors, diamonds are the perfect way to celebrate an April Birthday.
Diamond Jewelry Favorites From Lacee Alexandra
Sparkling diamond shining brightly over everything you do. Carefully set in solid gold these dainty diamond earrings serve as the perfect reminder that the future is yours. Available in 10k and 14k gold, in a pair or as a single for all your ear piercing needs. 
Dark and stormy and full of mystery, a gorgeous one of a kind rose cut salt and pepper diamond is carefully set in solid gold with a twinkling diamond accent. Available with your choice of chain length as well as gold color. This necklace looks absolutely stunning worn on its own or layered with other beautiful necklaces in your personal collection. Truly a one of a kind diamond necklace. 
One petite diamond sparkles in this hand-sculpted dainty, sterling silver promise ring. Whether it’s a promise to the one you love, or a promise to remember a special moment or adventure in your own life, this piece is sure to bring a bit of sparkle to your day.