The Meaning Behind October's Birthstone: Opal

People born in October are lucky to have beautiful opal as their birthstone. Opal is known as a stone of luck and magic!

While Opal is most associated with the birthstone of October it is also the gemstone of the 14th marriage anniversary. Opal is cherished for its brilliance, magical color play, and flashes of otherworldly light.

Opal favorites from Lacee Alexandra


Gold Marquise Opal and Diamond Peak Ring

Inspired by ocean's treasures, this solid gold ring features a flashy marquise opal and is accented with twinkling diamonds.


Sterling Silver Opal Birthstone Ring

A dainty piece of magic shining brightly over everything you do. Carefully set in sterling silver, this piece is soon to be filled with memories every time you look down at your finger. 


Gold Opal Birthstone Earrings

Sparkling opals twinkle on your ear. These dainty opal earrings are perfect for first or second hole piercings and are available as a single or a pair. Carefully set in solid gold these magical opal studs will remind you that the future is yours.


Gold Opal Necklace

This gold opal necklace with a sparkling diamond accent is the perfect way to carry your birthstone with you. Set in solid 14k gold and strung on a dainty chain, this piece is made to last a lifetime. The perfect gift for those born in the month of October.