The Story Behind the Isle Ring

Isle Ring Lacee Alexandra

I am forever inspired by the textures, colors, histories and beauty of our natural world. The Isle ring is the perfect representation of this. 

The Isle ring is part of the Ula Riva collection, which roughly translates to "sea jewel from the sea shore." My intention with this collection was to bring to life the magic and enchantment of our oceans.

For this piece I chose to recreate a texture you might find along the shore when gazing at the various sea creatures who call tide pools home. I also was very inspired by islands that seemingly float in the middle of our vast seas. I combined these two elements to create the Isle Ring. The aquamarine gracefully floating on the curved edge of the textured band, seemingly out of place but still exuding such sparkle & beauty. This is how I feel islands are, almost unbelonging yet coexisting in their own magical way with our ocean world. 

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