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Tips For Traveling With Jewelry!

Summer seems to always be filled with lots of traveling, whether they're short weekend getaways to escape from the day to day and enjoy some sun, or long planned excursions. Packing for these trips can sometimes be stressful, so much to remember and plan that sometimes little things like jewelry get lost in the mix.

Now, I am never one to forget to pack jewelry, in fact it's sometimes the first thing I put in my bag, but I know I am certainly an exception.. To help you decide what types of pieces to bring, I've put together a little guide, stick to these essentials and you'll be perfectly styled no matter what your trip may have in store for you!

Tips for traveling with jewelry

What's in my bag:

Gold Layering Necklace

A long layering necklace is a must have for so many reasons. You can throw it on to spice up a tee while you hit the town for some retail therapy.. or to add some sparkle to a floral sundress as you dance the night away at a luah. I love the Sands layering necklace for this, because not only is it super light weight it also can be doubled up and worn closer to the neck. This is great for traveling because it's like packing two necklaces in one, a win-win! 

Krobo Link Drops

Statement earrings and vacations are made for each other. I mean you can't drink martinis in glitzy hot spots without looking like a gem yourself.. I find that I tend to only wear one or two pairs when I am traveling even if I bring more. Be sure to pack your fave pair that makes you feel your best, like our Krobo Double Link Drops! Bold and full of movement!

moonstone sterling silver studs

A good pair of everyday earrings can turn an otherwise drab jet lagged look into something more polished and put together. A lightweight pair like our Oceanic moonstone studs add the perfect touch of magical sparkle to your look!

Sterling Silver Pearl Necklace

A simple necklace to wear alone, or to layer with your long necklace that's already in your bag is essential. I find that whatever necklace I pack for this component rarely leaves my neck.. Choosing a great piece that is easy to wear is a must. I love the Ula Pearl Necklace because not only is it a bit edgy, the pearl brings a more traditional feel to it too..making it the perfect fusion for an everyday necklace. I also love this piece because it's adjustable, making it totally ideal for a variety of necklines, a necessity when packing light!

Opal Gold Ring

No jewelry look is complete without a little sparkle on your finger. My fave of the moment is the Salacia Ring with opal, nothing screams summer vacation more than a little gold and a sparkling oceanic inspired gemstone. 


 *Pro Tip: Pack your jewelry individually in small ziplock baggies with the clasp out to prevent tangles..because no one has time to deal with that when they're on vacation..


Happy Traveling!