Vintage Inspired Unisex Wedding Ring With A Hand Textured Finish

I adore making wider wedding rings as it allows for more freedom with texture and design on the surface.


This ring style has been popular lately. It features a gorgeous but rustic hand-textured surface and bordered with a vintage inspired milgrain detail. This particular piece was cast in natural white gold, which means no rhodium plating. It has a really beautiful warm feeling to it.


A wedding band style like this piece is a great option if you're wanting something that has a little bit of texture and a more masculine feel, but you still want something refined and timeless. The textured surface and vintage milgrain that is then bordered by a polished smooth edge is equal parts rustic and modern.


These rings vary in price depending on width of band and karat weight. They are custom made to order and start at $650. If you would like to discuss creating something similar for yourself please email me at and I would be happy to walk you through options and pricing.