What Are Rose Cut Stones?


Rose cut diamonds in assorted shapes and sizes, image courtesy of Misfit Diamonds

Rose cut stones have been rising in popularity in recent years. Their hand-cut facets play with light giving them a distinct sparkle. If you love vintage jewelry but want a ring from this decade, you may want to consider a rose cut stone. Many vintage rings feature rose cut diamonds in them, as they are known for their beautiful warm sparkle.


Top: Rose cut diamond from above, image courtesy of Misfit Diamonds. Bottom: Brilliant cut diamond profile, image courtesy of GIA

The most notable feature of a rose cut stone vs a brilliant cut stone is their flat back and domed top with triangular facets. It is said that the term rose comes from how the facets resemble petals unfolding. Brilliant cut stones come to a point where as rose cut stones are flat on the back

The flat back of a rose cut stone has two effects, one, because the bottom has no facets to reflect light the rose cut stones are transparent. This gives them a softer look compared to their brilliant sparkle bomb companions. This doesn’t mean they aren’t sparkly in their own right, it just means the sparkle is more of a soft romantic glow. 

Two, because they’re flat on the bottom, rose cuts carry all of their carat weight on top. This means a rose cut stone will appear to be a visually larger stone when viewed from above than a full cut stone of the same carat weight. This means a 1 ct rose cut diamond is going to have a larger surface area than its brilliant cut sister. 


People who love vintage jewelry love rose cuts because they originated in the 1500s. Cut by hand they were designed to dazzle under low light conditions like candlelight. 


Rustic rose cut diamonds, image courtesy of RDW

Rose cut stones traditionally were round, but now you also find them in a variety of shapes. They also come in a variety of colors, black, champagne, salt and pepper and rustic (see above)

Rose cut stones are a good option for someone wanting a stone that doesn’t sit too high on the finger, but still has a decent presence, as none of the carat weight is hiding under the setting, all the carat weight is right where you can see it. They’re also perfect for someone seeking something with an aura of vintage romance, something that will glitter under candlelight. 


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