What Makes Salt and Pepper Diamonds Unique?


Heavily included diamonds often going by the name of salt and pepper diamonds or galaxy diamonds are all the rage right now! We love them because they are super strong, making them a perfect choice for a piece you will wear everyday, like an engagement ring and they're very unique. Each one is completely one of a kind, like little miniature masterpieces created by Mother Earth. Available in a range of colors, from dark and moody, to icy opalescent to rustic oranges and yellows. No two diamonds are exactly the same so if you're after a stone that no-one else will ever have this is the ideal choice. More affordable than their brilliant white sisters, salt and pepper diamonds are perfect for those wanting something unique and a little out of the box that is durable to last lifetimes.


Interested in creating a custom piece with a salt and pepper diamond as the center star? Contact Lacee@laceealexandra.com to learn more!