10k Solid Gold Dainty Birthstone Ring - Lacee Alexandra
10k Solid Gold Dainty Birthstone Ring - Lacee Alexandra
10k Solid Gold Dainty Birthstone Ring - Lacee Alexandra

10k Solid Gold Dainty Birthstone Ring

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A sparkling gemstone in this 10k solid gold dainty birthstone ring marks the month you are born, a dainty piece of magic shining brightly over everything you do. But not only limited to birth months, these delicate gemstone rings can also mark a special anniversary or a month you want to remember for a lifetime.

Carefully set in solid gold this dainty birthstone ring will remind you that the future is yours. Wear these 10k stacking rings with your own birthstone, wear a best friend's birthstone as a dainty friendship ring, or even create a stack of dainty birthstone rings with your children's, or grandchildren's birthstones to create a unique mother's ring.

Whether you choose to wear a stone that symbolizes a special moment or person in your life or you just want to wear your favorite gemstone, you can't go wrong with these beautifully hand textured rings.

-Your choice of 10k yellow or white gold

Finish: polished
-1 sparkling, 2mm responsibly sourced gemstone of your choice

Individually handcrafted just for you in Lacee’s beach side studio in Long Beach California. Please allow 2-3 weeks for shipping.

Need a rush order or want to customize this dainty birthstone ring further? Please contact us with any questions at Lacee@laceealexandra.com and we will be happy to assist you in creating your perfect future heirloom.

Stone chart

Garnet - January, 2nd Anniversary 

Amethyst - February, 6th Anniversary

Aquamarine - March, 19th Anniversary

Diamond - April, 10th & 60th Anniversary

Emerald - May, 20th & 35th Anniversary

Alexandrite - June, 55th Anniversary

Moonstone - June, 3rd Anniversary

Ruby - July, 15th & 40th Anniversary

Peridot - August, 16th Anniversary

Sapphire - September, 5th & 45th Anniversary

Opal - October, 14th Anniversary

Tourmaline - October

Citrine - November, 13th Anniversary

Zircon - December

Turquoise - December, 11th Anniversary